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[S1E2] Annihilator

Malcolm thinks that the killer is a disappointed family annihilator who wanted love but was rejected by Aristos. The annihilator is male, depressed, and often kill themselves afterward. Gil asks if there are any other members of the Boutsikiras family. JT checks and finds another son, Liam, who changed his name and was estranged from the family.

[S1E2] Annihilator

Stiles also appears to be inspired by Anatoly Onoprienko - Both were serial killers, serial arsonists, and family annihilators motivated by personal resentment and inadequacy (Stiles killed white-collar families out of hateful classism, Onoprienko murdered parents out of his abandonment in the orphanage system by his father and children so they wouldn't be in the system like him), briefly had an accomplice who turned away from them (Stiles was lured by Evan Abby for a murder-suicide, Onoprienko had an accomplice who ditched him after his killings started), attacked and killed victims in their homes and cars, destroyed the scenes with arson fires, and used a firearm in at least one of their attacks. 041b061a72


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