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Where To Buy Piano Bench !EXCLUSIVE!

In production for over 50 years, the outstanding quality of Jansen benches is backed by a full money-back guarantee, which also includes return shipping charges on Artist Benches. Our prices are GUARANTEED by Paul Jansen himself to be the lowest you will find anywhere. We have an established track record on the Internet, starting on the net in 1995, and with excellent products and service, we're still going strong, with over 4000 Jansen products sold!

where to buy piano bench


Jansen Piano Benches have been the industry standard for half a century. Since Jansen invented the adjustable artist piano bench, our family-owned company has produced a varied and popular line of piano benches, piano stools, organ benches, and other piano accessories.

Our piano benches, stools, and chairs are hand-crafted in our long-time Wisconsin factory, using top-quality materials including all American hardwood. Jansen management has deep experience in all aspects of the business, with particular expertise in piano teaching, performing, and sales. Our products cater to all skill levels, from children learning piano for the first time to virtuosos playing the world's most esteemed venues.

Jansen Piano Benches are acclaimed worldwide as some of the most innovative of their kind. Since our introduction of adjustable artist benches in 1971, music professionals have turned to us for our versatile collection of seating solutions. All Jensen products are made in-house, with decades of care, expertise and superior construction behind everything we make.

Jansen offers a complete line of chairs for practicing pianists who need back support, without sacrificing any of the style or adaptability of our benches. Our piano chairs are fully adjustable and come with either smooth or diamond-tufted padding in a variety of colors and finishes. For those who love to play for a long time but need the added convenience of lumbar support, Jansen piano chairs are a practical and cost-effective solution.

Jansen makes and sells equipment that enhances the appearance, condition, and durability of your piano, from seat cushions, lamps, pedals and tuners to wheels, caster cups and piano covers. We also have a full lineup of care products, including lubricants, polishers and replacement legs, that make regular maintenance simple.

One of the first things you should decide is whether to buy a traditional or modern designed bench. Most benches fit in one of these categories, and each style has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Piano benches with storage are very convenient. You can keep all your sheet music in one place, right under where you sit! If you live in a small space and use sheet music, this is a fantastic option to save space.

Whoever you are, comfort is key. Some benches are hard-top, which means there is no cushioning. These benches may be cheaper, but they can get uncomfortable very quickly. Remember: you want to motivate yourself to play piano more, not less! So, invest in a comfortable place to sit.

Piano benches can vary widely in pricing, and traditional benches tend to be a lot more expensive than modern ones. Here are some good bench models in different price ranges that are worth checking out.

Do you need more than one person to sit at the piano at the same time? This is something to think about if you have a visiting teacher that sits next to you at the piano during lessons, or if there are two of you in the home who like to play duets. Two people on a single bench can be a bit of a squeeze, so if you have regular duet sessions or private lessons, it could be worth investing in a double bench if you have room for one.

If you do a lot of sight reading and playing songs from sheet music and books, being able to store these materials somewhere out of sight when not in use is a big plus. Rather than having these scattered in unsightly piles on the top of your instrument, a bench with a flip-up lid and room for storage allows you to keep your sheet music hidden away.

For those looking for a reasonably priced option that will provide the comfort needed to play the piano for hours on end, the On-Stage KT7800+ Deluxe is the stool for you. This X-frame style bench may not have any storage space, but for the price point, it's a well-made option for any pianist.

At the other end of the price spectrum, we have the Roland PB-500. This luxury bench oozes class and is the perfect accompaniment to any piano. With its premium padding, outstanding built quality and 10cm of continuous height adjustment, this really is one of the best piano benches on the market.

Lastly, we have to give a shout out to the Gear4Music Deluxe Duet bench. This inventive stool is the best solution for piano teachers, as each side can be adjusted independently - and better yet, it even comes with practical storage for tidying away sheet music and other learning materials.

Well-known for their high-quality keyboard stands and mic stands, it comes as no surprise to find that On Stage also have a seat at the table when it comes to piano benches. The KT7800+ is the deluxe version of their folding portable X-frame bench, with a thick padded seat for extra comfort and four different height adjustment settings.

Properly solid and weighty with a quality feel, this mid-priced bench is a great solution if you need a traditional look combined with a practical storage facility for your sheet music. The high-quality and durable imitation leather seat and piano-black gloss painted wood finish communicate that this is a quality item.

Korg is no stranger to the world of pianos, producing some of the finest digital pianos on the market. This all-black rise and fall bench is perfect for those seeking a sleek, classic looking bench to accompany their black piano - that said, a white option is also available.

Donner is a well-respected name in the digital piano and keyboard industry, and this lightweight, compact and adjustable bench is a perfect accessory for a digital instrument, either on stage or in the home.

This traditional piano stool from HomCom is a fine example of the classic design, with its tufted, faux leather cushion sporting seven buttons and its legs a curvier, more antique-looking profile than most benches on this list, making it a great match for a traditional acoustic piano.

So, the Liquid Stands bench certainly stands out from the other, more traditional benches on this list. This fully adjustable, lightweight stool includes a backrest for added support - perfect for ensuring you keep the correct posture while playing.

Hidrau, a company specializing in creating piano benches, has been in the industry since 1975. One of its aims is to manufacture piano benches that grow alongside the pianist using it, creating a strong bond through his or her journey as a musician. American academic institutions in the top 50 have been choosing Hidrau products for decades now, mostly due to our commitment to the highest standards of quality when it comes to piano benches.

To avoid all of those mentioned above, observing proper posture and choosing to be comfortable is key. However, we can only do so much so we also have to rely on our tools to keep us on track. Piano benches might not look like it, but they do play a huge part in keeping us safe from injuries (if you selected the right one that fits). Therefore, we came up with a practical guide to help you out:

For a pianist to avoid strain, he has to observe proper posture. His back should be straight, his arms should be relaxed from the shoulder, his elbows should be slightly elevated just above the keys, and his feet should be firmly planted on the floor where the pedals (of the piano) are within his reach.

Entry-level benches usually come with legs that are bolted on and can be adjusted over time. This can easily be remedied by tightening, which takes next to no effort. They are equally stable and durable with the small condition that from time to time we dedicate one minute to adjust the bolts. The more expensive benches typically have the legs either directly glued or screwed into the frame.

For example, Hidrau manufactures high-end piano benches that enjoy a hydraulics system for easy height adjustment. This proprietary Hidrau technology can be operated without effort and activates without too much pressure, making it ideal for children. The benches made by Hidrau can activate its hydraulics with only 110 pounds of pressure (50 kilograms), while most of the benches in the market require more than 143 pounds (65 kilograms).

At Hidrau, we offer our clients the BM41HP piano bench from the Academy Series, which is ideal for children. This model enjoys a cutting-edge hydraulic system that activates with only 77 pounds of pressure (35 kilograms).

What is paramount in choosing the best piano bench is your needs. So, think about what you need considering your height and weight, how much time you spend each day sitting on it while playing the piano. Are you buying one for yourself, or is it for a school or studio?

Wood piano benches remain the bench-of-choice for those who are looking to go for a classic, more distinguished look and custom-made bench. Wood piano benches seem to exude the same allure as the piano itself. They are often bought to match the style of the Piano including its color and patterns. At Hidrau, we use wood that has sustainable origins, sourced from providers that follow environmentally respectful standards. 041b061a72


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