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Solution Manual Of Mathematical Methods By Sm Yusuf

Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity studies of nano ZnO deposited on sintered calcium phosphate (ZnO/SCaP) PDFB.R. Saikishore kumar, S. Sumathi, P.S. RaghavanNano ZnO was prepared by chemical methods on a novel solid support, namely, calcium phosphate .Different loading levels of nano zinc oxide over the support were prepared and influence of temperature on the synthesis was studied. The catalysts were characterized by physico-chemical methods. The XRD and UV-DRS showed formation of ZnO and high resolution SEM image showed formation uniform nano particles. The catalyst was found to be efficient in Knoevenagel condensation when compared with unsupported analogue.

Solution manual of mathematical methods by sm yusuf

Improving CRO performance using stepwise approach for constrained optimisation PDFS L Pandharipande, A K DixitChemical reaction optimisation (CRO) is amongst newer methods of evolutionary algorithms that are being developed suited in searching global solutions to varied nature of optimisation problems. It is, nature inspired meta-heuristics method and chemical reaction mechanism is the source of inspiration behind its. In a chemical reaction, the reactants; the unstable substances; are converted into products; the relatively stable ones. The reactants with some initial energy interact with each other through a sequence of elementary steps. At the end, molecules with minimum energy to support their stable structure are formed. Based on the present work, the results of the numerical experimentation, it is concluded that the values obtained from the stepwise approach are way better that those obtained using CRO without stepwise search and using conventional techniques such as geometric programing.

High Performance Membranes Using Lithium Additives: A Review PDFBenny Saputra, Suprihatin, Erliza NoorThe easiest and reproducible methods to improve membrane performance is adding additives in casting solution. Different from common additives that usually used, inorganic additives like lithium seems to be very effective in the preparation of membranes with higher performance because of their small molecular weight and interaction behavior. Studies show that the use of lithium additives causes an increase in viscosity, porosity and conductivity, reduces hydrophobic, change membrane morphologies and enhanced membrane performance (permeability and rejection). Hence, lithium additives have a high potential for achieving high performance membranes, especially in membrane fabrication and application.

A review paper on Redesign of Gravity Roller Conveyor System for Weight Reduction through optimization PDFMr. Sanket Pandit, Dr. A.G.ThakurThis work presents an application of concept of concurrent engineering and the principles of design for manufacturing and design for assembly, several critical conveyor parts were investigated for their functionality cost and ease of assembly in the overall conveyor system. The critical parts were modified and redesigned with new shape and geometry and some with new materials. The improved design methods and the functionality of new conveyor parts were verified and tested on a new test conveyor system designed, manufactured and assembled using the new improved parts.The improved methodology for design and production of conveyor components is based on the minimization of material, parts using the rules of design for manufacture and design for assembly.The semi finished material has to be transported from one station in the assembly to another at a distance of upto 50 meters or more. The method of manual transport by fork-lift is time consuming. A mechanism for continuous and uninterrupted transport is desired. This is carried out with reference to roller conveyor system (Existing system). The existing system will be redesign and optimize for weight, resulting into material saving by modifying and analyzingthe critical conveyor parts.

Determination of Generator Participation in Loads and Lines using Extended Incidence Matrix method PDFA. A. Malik, N. D. GhawghaweIn the deregulated environment generation companies and other utilities become the user of transmission services. So, there is growing need to identify the participation of each generators and cost of transmission services. In such situation dispatchers not only concentrate on the power flow of the system but also contribution of each generator to each load and losses allocated to the generators. In this paper a mathematical method is proposed for the active power flow tracing based on the concept of extended incidence matrix. By obtaining the AC or DC load flow solution, extended incidence matrix, distribution factor matrix and load extraction matrix are derived. With the help of developed model power transfer between each generator to each load, each line and contribution of each generator to the system losses is calculated. The effectiveness of proposed method is illustrated using IEEE 4-bus and 6-bus systems. 350c69d7ab


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